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Hygienic Shutter Valves & Pigging Systems

Sanitary valves and pigging systems from LIAG® offer unparallel quality and product safety for the low-germ processing of high grade media.

Know How, on which you can rely!

Developed from field experience - for field use!
Many years of experience on process engineering and a consistent focus on customer demands are the basis of innovative technologies and customized system solutions.

Our primary focus is on maximum process safety and economic efficiency.

Your requirement - our solution!

Customized special solutions are our strength. We build on an extensive and close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire duration of a project: from the planning up to the delivery and, thereafter, service and maintenance.

Modular and efficient

LIAG® is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We place strong emphasis on modular systems and production flexibility, delivering the highest quality products and service.

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