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Venturi Powder Control Valve

LIAG® Venturi powder control valves are designed to enable smooth flow of powder through the valve, the middle port is orientated at a 135°/45° angle to the straight through passage. The Y-Arrangement of the inlet creates the ideal flow and vaccum exhaust characteristics for proportioning and dosing. This allows for a complete full bore without reducing the nominal Diameter as often experienced with the use of a butterfly valve. Furthermore the Venturi powder control valve can substitute up to two Butterfly valves, which improves the operating control of the unit.


  • Totally clear passage - no pressure loss
  • No dead pockets
  • No product retention or sticking of solid particles
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • Identical wearing and spare parts as arc valves


Data Sheets

Venturi Powder Control Valve

Technical Data Overview

Nominal sizes:
Inox parts in contact with product:AISI 316L (1.4404 / 1.4435)
Other inox parts: AISI 304 (1.4301)
O-ring seals:EPDM, FKM (Viton®)‚ FEP, other grades upon request
Shutter:Dyneon™ TFM1600
In contact with product:Ra ≤ 0.8µm (Ra ≤ 32µin)
Operating temperature:110°C (230°F)
Short-term:140°C (284°F) - optionally up to 200°C (392°F)
Operating pressure:
Pressure behind arc:10 bar (145 psi) - optionally up to 20 bar (290.1 psi)
Pressure against arc:3 bar (43.5 psi) 
Manual:with handle
Pneumatic:Electro-pneumatic control unit consisting of
  • Pneumatic actuator 0°-90°
  • Positioner Positurn 4-20mA (0-10V), 24V DC, IP65
Valve connection:
Clamp connection:Tri-Clamp
Weld ends:Inch, DIN
Male ends:DIN 11851
Further options:
  • Shutter material, alternatively Teflon +15% Peek, Tecapeek®
  • Combination of different types of connection
  • Delivery and adaptation to actuators of different manufacture per Namur NE14 and DIN EN ISO 5211

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