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SMV - Pigging System for insensitive media

LIAG® ’s SMV pendulum pigging systems are based on the use of static pigs which – driven by a pushing medium (product, water, air) – move back and forth between the pig launching and receiving station, thereby eliminating the remaining product from the pipe. SMV pendulum pigs are statically sealing by means of a defined oversize between the pig outside diameter and pipe inside diameter.

The components used in SMV pendulum pigging systems are essential to high operating safety. The use of ball valves with minimized dead pockets is standard in view of maximum process safety. As an option, static pigs are equipped with a magnet for location and control and can be cleaned in the closed system without removing it.


  • Hygienic design due to dead pocket minimized ball valves
  • Various designs of SMV pigs and material available
  • Suited for bends with radii R = 3,0 x D
  • The pig can be cleaned in the closed system without removing
  • SMV systems are optimally suited for insensitive media and liquids, e.g. beverage, cosmetics, paint etc.

SMV operation procedure

SMV pendulum pig

the perfect shape for every application

SMV pendulum pigs are of homogeneous construction (hygienic design) and statically sealing. As an option, SMV pigs are equipped with a magnet for location and control. The pigs are suited for radii from R = 3,0 x D.

SMV pig launching and receiving station

To satisfy the diverse requirements of the wide range of processes, the optimum pigging method is always designed to the specific project.


Data Sheets

SMV Pigging System

Technical Data Overview

Basic facts:
Radius of the bends:Piggable from R= 3,0 x D
Multi-mode:Manual, semi-automated or fully automated
DMV pig pushing media:z.B. product, water, air etc.
Inox parts in contact with product:AISI 316L (1.4404 / 1.4435)
Other stainless steel parts:AISI 304 (1.4301)
O-ring seals:EPDM, FPM (Viton®), FEP, other grades upon request
SMV pendulum pigs:Silicone
In contact with product:Ra ≤ 0.8 µm (Ra ≤ 32µin)
Range of temperature:
Standard:-25°C (-13°F) up to +110°C (+230°F)
Optional: -25°C (-13°F) up to +150°C (+302°F)
Pushing pressure SMV pendulum pigs:
Depending on product (viscosity)and length of the pipe work:
min. 2 bar - max. 10 bar
(min. 29psi - max. 145 psi)
important note:
SMV pigs should only be used in pigging systems, which are designed for this type of pig. The supplier will not assume any kind of function warranty or product liability and no responsibility for any kind of damage to persons or property due to improper use.

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